Welcome to the Freebies page. This page contains free educational  resources for you when you open a forex trading account  with  popular forex trader EasyMarkets.  You  get free access to all these resources when you trade with Easy Markets. They will definitely come in handy as you trade.


So unward:

About EasyMarkets

Before you open a forex trading account with a forex  broker you will want to know everything about the broker  right? Well,  here is an opportunity to learn everything you need to know about easymarkets Well Easymarkets has been writing their story since 2001. They are easy, accessible, transparent and friendly. They’re basically ahowing  you why you you should choose  Easymarkets as your forex broker.

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Understanding Analysis

Understanding Analysis covers the following:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis- This part will be of great help as you study price action analysis

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Beginners Guide to Forex

Beginners Guide to Forex  covers the following:

  • What is Forex? And how to get started
  • Making the most of leverage and margin
  • Technical and fundamental analysis you must know
  • Risk managers smart traders use
  • Ten top forex trading tips every forex trader must know.

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Getting Started Trading

Getting Started Trading covers the following:

  • Forex basics such as the who what where and when of forex
  • Getting started- The how of forex.

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The Psychology of Trading

The Psychology of Trading covers the following:

  • Emotional trading
  • How to devise a trading plan.

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Demo Account

This is a free  virtual account by forex broker EasyMarkets. You experience simulated trading under live conditions using virtual money. You get a feel for their trading platform and the forex markets.  before you decide to go live.  You are basically sharpening your trading reflexes  before deciding to trade live.

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EasyMarkets MT4 User Guide

EasyMarkets MT4 is the ideal platform for those already trading on MT4, for Money
Managers, people interested in autotrading and those that prefer to use advanced
technical analysis.
Key features include:
• Multiple order types such as Market Orders, Buy Stops, Sell Stops, Buy
• Limits, Sell Limits
• 20 Years historical Data available for back testing ‘’Expert Advisors’’
• Meta Quotes Language Editor
• 85 Pre-installed indicators and analysis tools
• Market Watch Rates Box
• 8 Predesigned trading templates, create and save your own custom templates
• Multiple Charts setups, with 1M, 5M, 15M, 30M, 1H, 4H, D1, W1, MN and Tick by Tick

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Universal Risk Management Platform

Easy Markets provides you with amazing risk management tools such as:

    • dealCancellation – Undo Losing Trades**
    • easyTrade* – Trade without Margin and Zero Spreads
    • Fixed Spreads – No Matter The Market Conditions
    • Free Guaranteed Stop Loss
  • Negative Balance Protection

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Educational Webinars

With an easymarket  forex trading account you have access to forex webinars from easymarkets own  global trading strategist James Trescothick.

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The Ultimate  Guide To Price Action Trading                    9167c99a67dd1461915955-pa-trading.png

This brilliant ebook   by  veteran trader Rayner Teo covers everything you need to know about price action trading. Call this a non – Easymarkets bonus- but a solid one at that.

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