Welcome to the Freebies page. The Freebies. page is your one pit stop for free forex educational materials  You don’t need to go to Amazon or any other retail store. You can get them right here. Anything you need to up your price action game, from  psychological to technical, you’ll find it on this page.


So unward:

Understanding Analysis

Understanding Analysis covers the following:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis- This part will be of great help as you study price action analysis

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Beginners Guide to Forex

Beginners Guide to Forex  covers the following:

  • What is Forex? And how to get started
  • Making the most of leverage and margin
  • Technical and fundamental analysis you must know
  • Risk managers smart traders use
  • Ten top forex trading tips every forex trader must know.

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Getting Started Trading

Getting started trading covers the following:

  • Forex basics such as the who what where and when of forex
  • Getting started- The how of forex.

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The Psychology of Trading

The Psychology of Trading covers the following:

  • Emotional trading
  • How to devise a trading plan.

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Hope you enjoy these free ebooks

Next up is a set of videos that are just as exciting as the ebooks.  I believe you’d learn a lot  more from watching these videos. Enjoy!

Forex Training Video

This video is a four part series covering the following:

  • What is Forex?
  • What Is A Currency Pair?
  • What’s a Pip?
  • What Is Leverage?

Click To Watch Video

EUR/USD Episode

Find out why the EUR/USD currency is the nost dominant trading pair.

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Looking to open a forex trading account?



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